a ninja story



Myles Reichel is an artist/illustrator, working out of St. John’s, NL. He has worked on a select number of projects, including a children’s book, titled “The True Story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff,” written by David Reynolds, and published by Problematic Press, as well as having worked on a number of local film projects. He plays bass in the punk rock band, Uneeda, recording original music and regularly playing shows in and around the St. John’s area. Currently, Myles is working towards bringing his comic project, A Ninja Story, to the shelves of comic shops around the world, and turning it into an ongoing title.


Wallace Ryan is a cartoonist and comic book artist who was born and raised in St. John’s, NL. He attended Memorial University, the College of the North Atlantic, the Ontario College of Art & Design and the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

He has worked in advertising and was an editorial cartoonist for the Telegram and the Independent for many years. He has taught comic books and graphic novels at the Anna Templeton Centre, Memorial University and the Little Red School House in New York City.

He worked in New York City from 2006 to 2009 with fellow artist Carter Kustera for such clients as Barneys New York, AOL, John Frieda and Bloomingdales. He returned to St. John’s and helped found the Breakdown Comic Jam, where he and co-host Paul Tucker help develop the talents of the young cartoonists of St. John’s. He has also created a reference collection for comic book artists called the Library of Graphic Literature which contains over 1,200 rare and historic books of comics, comic strips and a graphic novel. He can be heard discussing these books on the podcast “the Collective” from the Collected Comics Library. (http://www.collectedcomicslibrary.com/category/podcast/)

He lives in downtown St. John’s where he works on comics and drinks his Earl Grey tea.


Paul Tucker’s retro fueled artwork has brought life to everything from a hulking Henry David Thoreau (Literary Commandos at Thrillbent.com) to a vengeful Kanye West (Kanye the Last man on Earth at Multiversitycomics.com). He has illustrated the graphic novel, The Underworld Railroad for Viper Comics, the award winning League of Extraordinary Researchers for Memorial University of Newfoundland, and the critically acclaimed miniseries Tet from IDW Publishing/Comics Experience.

Paul lives in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, where he has co-hosted the Breakdown Comic Jam for over 5 years.


He started his career as a graphic designer in 2007, and then later broke into the animation field. He has received credit in several cartoons. Presently, Curtis works as an artist in a video game development studio in St. John’s, NL. He has received credit in several game titles. In his spare time, Curtis hosts a pod cast, develops video games and cartoons under his brand­ Hero Mode.


That Guy Tyler is a writer, director, and visual artist living in St. John’s, NL. He is creative director for Filigree Pictures, also founder of Taste of Tea Productions, and concepts by That Guy Tyler as a storyboard and concept artist. Currently, Tyler is writing a screenplay for an independent feature film, while storyboarding for a number of local films and web series’. Living creatively, baby!


Mike Feehan is a St. John’s-based artist working full-time as a graphic designer and freelancing as an illustrator. He has provided design and illustration work for a variety of clients, both locally and abroad, including; The Newfoundland Herald, The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology and Bridge 9 Records. He has recently shifted his focus to the comic book industry, and has contributed to several digital comic anthologies published by Arch Enemy Entertainment through USA Today. He is currently working on a creator-owned series.


A self-described creative junkie, Kean is never satisfied with just one form of artistic medium. In addition to being an avid painter/drawer he has also been a longtime guitarist/pianist, and dabbles in the world of film. With no formal training in any discipline, he subscribes to the self-taught method, reasoning that relying too heavily on the instructions of others will deplete the originality of one’s technique and work. He’s currently working on several paintings to be released via his webpage, as well as the formation of an unnamed ProgMetal/Rock band expected to be gigging/recording late Fall.

Webpage: www.facebook.com/keanjamesart


Liam Peacock is a graphic designer, writer and musician from Carbonear, Newfoundland. His 9-to-5 artistic outlet is in the Creative Department at Steele Communications, but he also busies himself as a freelance graphic designer, and helps aspiring writers self publish with Tolt Publications. He has also performed and recorded with a variety of bands in the St. John’s area, and once took apart and rebuilt a couch he couldn’t get into his apartment.
His graphic design portfolio can be found at liampeacock.com


After taking high school art class and various cartooning courses by Wallace Ryan, Sam created numerous peculiar strips like Time Travelin’ Zombie Madness and ‘Dictator Beach Party’ on Deviantart. He has also collaborated on various Breakdown Comic Jam strips, A Ninja Story and Wallace’s own ‘Titan Mysterious’ comic. In addition to penciling future adventures of the marooned skeleton astronaut Lunar Skullface, Sam is slowly working on a graphic novel involving shark people, due sometime when you’re not looking.

His strips can be found at: http://astrolupine.deviantart.com


Ricky King was born in Rose Blanche, Newfoundland. He draws comics when he can but mostly doodles compulsively. Now he’s at NSCAD havin’ a learney good time.

View his work atkickyring.tumblr.com


Ian Jarvis is a freelance animator/ graphic designer. Currently, he is working on a comic called Junk Cocoon. Past projects include providing animated segments for a local play, entitled Give Me Back, by Sharon King. Ian also did artwork for Dale Jarvis of the Haunted Hike, and has a number of projects in the works. Expect to see more of him in the near future.


Sam Dinn friggin’ loves comics! He has taken some cartooning courses with Wallace Ryan, and has done some comic strips for The Muse at Memorial University. Currently, he is studying art fundamentals at Sheridan college in Ontario. Did he mention he loves comics? Especially Batman. Also, he was born in Japan (for real!)


Nicholas Gushue has always had a lot of interest in art, especially comics and pencil work. His own work with drawing skyrocketed through cartooning classes with Wallace Ryan, as well as work with other St. John’s artists in the monthly Breakdown Comics Jam. He met Myles Reichel there, where he did some ink work for A Ninja Story, and eventually drew a page for the comic. He’s worked on some small comic strips, and is current drawing some World of Warcraft fanart, hoping to make more fanart in the future.


A man of many talents. Liam has used his skills to provide support and assistance to this project as well as many others. From developing the content management system to pencilling pages of the comic Liam has been able to help create, develop and maintain his craft here as well as a broad.


Also known by his furry name, “Tyranno,” Nick Quigley has a love for dinosaurs, sci-fi, superheroes, cartoons, anime, and all things comics. A level 2 student at Waterford Valley High, he has always loved drawing, even at a young age. In the summer of 2011, he developed his very first project: a Pokémon fan-fiction. After that, he had a growing interest in Dragons. He began creating his own characters for stories he had been working on. A number of his creations include a giant, cyborg dragon named Novadualer, a Chinese dragon, a bat-like dragon, and a young dragon who was Nova’s apprentice. He drew mystery dungeon comics for most of 2012.

He also attended Wallace Ryan’s comic classes a few times, inspiring him to expand on his stories, creating a T-Rex superhero named Dynamo, and his small reptilian sidekick, named Sparky. He and a few friends are currently working on a comic for Dynamo and Sparky, hoping to publish it, once it’s finished.


Gregory Jackman is an illustrator, cartoonist and animator from St. John’s, Newfoundland. He has always had a passion for art, comics, cartoons and animation from a very young age. He does not constrict himself to one style and enjoys drawing in and combining all different sorts of styles.

View examples of his work on Instagram: greg_jackman

View his 2d animation reel as well as his 3d animation and modelling reel: gregjackmanart.tumblr.com


PJ Worthman is currently a student enrolled in the video game art and design course at CONA. While he’s been drawing for many years, this will be his first official project.


Wyllyam “Big Wyll”  Johnson is a semi professional artist from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. He’s been drawing since his early childhood, and in recent years decided to persue a part time career in illustration, focusing primarily on commission work. Wyll recently started Rogue Heroes Studio with long time friend Carmen Bellaire, and they, along with other collaborators, have been designing table top action games. Wyll continues to push himself artistically and creatively, while striving to build a professional resume.